Most Amazing fountains in the world.

Below is a list of the most beautiful fountains in the world. From the united states to Korea, we present to you the fountains that stood out of the ordinary and regular fountains around the world

Water Boat Fountain, Valencia, Spain

The water boat fountain ( also referred to as fuente del barco de agua in spain), is located at playa de la malvarrosa in Valencia. The sculptural fountain gives an illusion of a sailboat with jets of water.

waterboat fountain

image source: Tato Freddy

Banpo Bridge, Seoul, South Korea

The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is the world’s longest bridge fountain that set a Guinness World Record with nearly 10,000 LED nozzles that run along both sides that is 1,140m long, shooting out 190 tons of water per minute. Installed in September 2009 on the Banpo Bridge, former mayor of Seoul Oh Se-hoon declared that the bridge will further beautify the city and showcase Seoul’s eco-friendliness, as the water is pumped directly from the river itself and continuously recycled. The bridge has 38 water pumps and 380 nozzles on either side, which draw 190 tons of water per minute from the river 20 meters below the deck, and shoots as far as 43 meters horizontally. (source: wikipedia)

banpo bridge

Magic Tap, Cadiz, Spain

The Magic Tap as it is fondly called is located at Aqualand in Cadiz, Spain. The Tap might look like its floating from a distance, but with a closer look, you’ll see a pipe hidden in the stream of water.

image source:commons

Vortex Fountain ‘Charybdis’, Sunderland, UK

Vortex fountain was created by famous water sculptor William Pye  in 2000 for the seaham hotel and spa in Northern England. The name Charybdis was gotten from ancient greek mythology: Charybdis was a sea monster which dwelt in the strait of messina.

amazing fountain vortex

Image credit: williampye

Giant – Entrance To The Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds), Wattens, Austria

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds (Swarovski Kristallwelten) is a museum, located in Wattens, Austria. The museum was built in 1995 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Austria based crystal company Swarovski. The Crystal Worlds Centre is fronted by a grass-covered head, the mouth of which is a fountain. We bet you’ve never seen a fountain like this before! (source: wikipedia)

fountain swarovski


Fountain “Tunnel Of Surprises”, Lima, Peru

The Túnel de las Sorpresas (Tunnel of Surprises) is a fountain in Lima’s Circuito Mágico del Agua (Magic Water Circuit), opened in 2007 at a cost of $13 million. Built within the Parque de la Reseva, a historic 19-acre (eight hectare) park, the series of 13 illuminated fountains has since proved a successful addition to Lima’s many attractions. Upon its construction, the Magic Water Circuit made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest water fountain complex in a public park. Some of the fountains are even interactive, such as the ever-popular Laberinto del Ensueño (Maze of the Dream). Getting to the center of the “maze” is more a matter of timing than navigation; a mistimed stride can land you right on top of a suddenly spewing jet of water! (source: howtoperu)

peru fountain

image credit: fernandorevilla

The Fountains Of Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Bellagio is a resort, luxury hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It’s well known for the Fountains of Bellagio, a vast, choreographed water feature with performances set to light and music. The fountains are set in a 8-acre (3.2 ha) manmade lake and it is estimated that the fountains cost $40 million to build. The fountains were created by WET, a design firm specializing in inventive fountains and architectural water features. This fountain was the largest fountain in the world when it first opened but then surpassed by Dubai Bay fountain and Okada Manila in 2010 and 2017 respectively. (source: wikipedia)

bellagio fountain

image source: justin

King Fahd’s Fountain (Tallest In The World), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

King Fahd’s Fountain, also known as the Jeddah Fountain, is a fountain in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the tallest of its type in the world. The fountain was donated to the city of Jeddah by King Fahd, hence its name. It was constructed between 1980 and 1983 and was launched in 1985.

Located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, the fountain jets water to a maximum height, according to different sources, of anywhere between 260 metres (853 ft) and 312 m (1,024 ft) above the Red Sea. The fountain is visible throughout the vicinity of Jeddah. The water it ejects can reach a speed of 375 km/h (233 mph), and it uses saltwater taken from the Red Sea instead of freshwater. Over 500 spotlights illuminate the fountain at night. (source: wikipedia)

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