Best Place to live in Lagos if you work from home

With the unemployment rate increasing from 10.4 to 14.2 percent in the last quarter of 2016, and many more losing their jobs in 2017,more Nigerians are resorting to self-employment and online freelancing to make ends meet.
Working from home as increasingly become the dream of many harried Nigerian employees too, as the general conception is that all you need for most “work from home jobs”, is a laptop and a good Internet connection, some basic skills and a can-do attitude.
With the increasing trend comes with the many challenges of electricity, security and other environmental factors.
We’ve compiled a list of the best places to live in Lagos if you work from home. The factors we put into consideration are:

  • Electricity
  • Serenity
  • Moderate Security
  • total cost of acquiring property for either self contain or mini-flat




Yaba is no doubt the best option for anyone working from home in Lagos. This area is already growing as Nigeria’s technology hub, with hundreds of banking institutions, educational institutions, technology and startup companies.


– Yaba has the highest concentration of tech hub in lagos , so if you have internet or power needs or if you need help with work related issues, you can go to the hub to work. Most tech Hubs typically cost between15-25k for membership and they provide a quiet and comfortable working space with constant power supply.
– Crime rate in most parts of Yaba is low. Perhaps the heavy presence of security details around the place deters criminals or could be that the ever busy nature of the place appears to inconvenience criminals.
– Nearness to the Island
Lagos island is the Center of commerce and the service based industry in Nigeria as a whole. Living in Yaba keeps you close to the Victoria island, Ikoyi and Lekki and thereby reduces your transportation expenses, stress due to heavy traffic jams which has found common place in these aforementioned areas


– High cost of property
– Agent/tenant issues are very common in yaba


Ajah still remains one of the fastest developing areas in Lagos. Even though Lekki seems to be the centre of attraction, Ajah is fast becoming a huge centre of attraction in its own light.


– Steady Power supply: The Transmission Company of Nigeria said that it has increased the ability of Eko electricity distribution company (Disco) to take more electricity from its transmission network to supply its customers.
– Proximity to the island
– Good road network
– Serenity and security


Some parts of Ajah are prone to flooding during wet seasons
High cost of apartments : Cost for rentals 220-250k rentals plus service feesBut Ajah is very rough The traffic and flooding in those places is somtin else.



Ikeja is regarded as the central business district of Lagos, housing most government agencies with both the Governor’s office and government house located in Ikeja. Ikeja is also a highly industrial area with several firms and good schools.


– Crime rate in most parts of Ikeja is low. This can be attributed to the heavy presence of security details around government parastals in the area, or could be that the busy nature of the area also inconveniences criminals.
– Proximity to Computer village means you get your tech needs met easily.
– Good spots to unwind : Ikeja is home to the massive shopping mall “Ikeja City Mall” which is the biggest mall in the Lagos mainland and also has a cinema for anyone looking to unwind. There’s also the fela shrine for the high life
– Electricity is almost constant in most parts of Ikeja.


– Most residential parts of Ikeja are highly expensive.
– Ikeja Isn’t central and far from most places thereby increasing your transportation expenses and stress due to heavy traffic jams.



Ketu is a perfect option for anyone looking for a low cost area to work from home. For Most parts of ketu, there’s constant power supply but plagued with noisy streets and neighbourhoods.


– Low cost: if you want an apartment at an incredibly cheap rate, ketu is your best option
– Electricity: There are a couple of places around Ikosi with constant power supply and little of noise.
– Central unlike Ikeja and you could reach any part of Lagos almost directly from Ketu.


– Rough
– noisy streets and neighbourhoods No serenity as such
– Terrible road networks



Surulere is one of the most exclusive areas on Mainland Lagos.
One of the most popular places in Surulere is Ojuelegba. It is known for its crowded setting and regarded as one of the busiest places in Lagos. It connects the city’s mainland with Lagos Island and Victoria Island.

If you are a lover of Nigerian music or you are active on the Nigerian social scene, you may have heard lines and comments affirming Surulere as one of the best places to live in Lagos.
Basically, it serves as a mid-point between the island and mainland and living there ensure you have quick and easy access to both areas.
Diversity Surulere is full of ALL types of people. Young families, Grandparents, Politicians, struggling musicians, millennials, students, Igbo people, Hausa natives – you name it, they all live in Surulere and they all love it. It is very easy to fit into the different neighborhoods within the district without fear of segregation or any form of culture shock.
The best street food in Lagos It is no secret that the best of Lagos street food can be found in Surulere and at the best rates too. On the hunt for the best shawarma, to the best Suya, people travel from as far as the Lekki Peninsula to Surulere for a palatable and affordable taste.

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