Dirty Lagos: why is Lagos so dirty?

Lagos State is no doubt the most popular state in Nigeria. It is the economic capital of Nigeria and was even at a time the seat of government in Nigeria. For a first time visitor to the city of Lagos,  the expectation is really high. You’ve probably  seen most cities in Lagos in Nollywood movies, read a thing or two about the beautiful city online or social media. Or maybe,  you’ve even heard about the popular places in songs like ojuelegba , seen beautiful places like the oriental hotel in olamide’s bobo video or  you’ve even heard about banana island in Lagos and you’d one day like to visit.

What’s there not to like about Lagos,  the night life is great, the resorts , malls , job opportunities and economic stability is enough to draw anyone into lagos.

But the new Lagos is dirty. Sadly that’s that truth. On your entry into Lagos you’re not only greeted by the heaps of stinking refuse by the road side , you have the stench coming out of the clogged gutters and pot holes to contend with.  Lagos is not only dirty , it’s filthy and smelly . For most of the locations in Lagos,  there all share one thing in common: filth , heaps of garbage . Most of the roads and streets are now dumpsites for big piles of garbage .

dirty lagos

Idumagbo Lagos Island ( Puslse.ng)

So why is Lagos so dirty?

To give a proper answer to this , we’ll have to go down memory lane.During the administration of the former governor of Lagos state (GOv. Raji Fashola) he established the private sector participation (PSP), the agency responsible for the waste management in the state. The agency did a very good job in keeping the city of Lagos clean to an extent. The waste trucks were seen on the road collecting trash , the street cleaners were doing their jobs in keeping the city clean .

Things are totally different now , the street cleaners are almost no where to be found , waste trucks are less on the roads and the city’s trash is piling up. So what happened ? The new governor (Governor Ambode ) hired  a new called company visionscape to replace PSP with a “cleaner lagos” vision. The public/private partnership  (PPP)  deal was said to have cost tax payers up to N85bn

This however turned out to be a big problem for vision scape. The company is trying so hard keep trash off the roads and streets of Lagos. The 300 waste trucks of visionscape is no match for the combined 1200 trucks owned by psp. Over 300 street sweepers were also sacked by the administration of governor Ambode earlier in 2018 .

vision scape at work

source: pulse.ng

What the people think

For most Lagos residents,  it all started with visionscape  and the stoppage of the monthly  sanitation exercise that was put in place by the previous administration.

Mr salami, a cinematographer based in ijaye area of Lagos said ” our area was a lot cleaner when the monthly sanitation exercise was still one , but now things are out of control, there isn’t a corner in this area that doesn’t have a heap of garbage , it’s really terrible”

“The visionscape people normally come here once a week on  Wednesdays but it’s been 3 weeks since we’ve last seen them, as you can see people have their trash outside and they keep adding to it weekly waiting for the waste management people to come for collection”

With the waste management authorities almost out of sight, its no surprise that Lagos is dirty. In some areas, the people have had to resort to extreme measures to get the attention of the waste management authorities. In Alimosho local government area of lagos, the people had to come together to park all dirts and gabages on the street of sasha after several months without seing the waste management company assigned to the area.


dirty lagos alimosho

source: autoreportng

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