Palacio De Okeowo: The most beautiful home in Nigeria?

How would you feel if you were asked to live in a grande mansion like Palacio de Okeowo for a whole year? How exactly would you describe the feeling? Would you be very excited or just completely overwhelmed?

Palacio De Okeowo is one beautiful building that can confidently stand side by side with any residential apartment from anywhere in the world. This edifice parades all the luxuries that money can afford; an Olympic size swimming pool ,an helipad, a jetty and a chapel.

Who owns Palacio de Okeowo ?

The beautiful luxurious home is owned by Sir Olu Okeowo, a well-known name in the Nigeria real estate and construction scene. Born to late Taiwo Okeowo (a billionaire in his lifetime), Olu Okeowo grew with a background in the execution of real estate projects. He founded Gilbratal construction Nigeria Limited in 19787 with the mission to provide the highest quality construction and project management services in Nigeria.

He is also a philanthropist extraordinaire, with many people saying he is one of the biggest philanthropists in the country. One of his notable philanthropic gestures is the construction of the Sir Olu Okeowo Physiotherapy Centre, inside Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH ; largest and biggest private donation by any individual to LUTH since inception decades back

He is also involved in promoting Gilbatrar Orchestra, a private orchestra for the promotion of Classical and Orthodox music.

About Palacio De Okeowo

Palacio de Okeowo is a gigantic three-floor Victorian edifice situated on the shores of Lekki Penisula. On entry into this luxury 16-bedroom mansion, you’re greeted by roman era mythical figurines and fountain of water over the expansive compound.

It is completely cladded with marble in and out. The view from this mansion can completely take one’s breath away as it overlooks the sea on one side and the beautiful view of Parkview estate on another part.

This beautiful residential building has all the facilities you won’t with expect in an average Ngerian home, even homes in the “estates” and “GRAs. It has its own helipad, tennis court,jetty, an Olympic size swimming pool, a full basketball court and a 40 seater private chapel called Solomon’s Chapel of Faith.

Sources reveal that the mansion is worth $12 million (that’s about 4.3 about billion naira) excluding the inside fittings and furniture.

This white edifice overlooking the sea is said to be the biggest property of its kind in Parkview, Ikoyi, and Lagos. Believe it or not , this project only took a period of 11 months from its inception to completion.

palacio de okeowo

source: deebobby

The Location.

This Luxurious mansion is located in park view , Ikoyi Lagos , one of the most affluent areas in Lagos state. You have to be really rich to be able to afford to rent or own an apartment in this area (Park view estate is just thirteen minutes away from banana Island). To put things into perspective, for you to rent an apartment in Parkview Ikoyi, you need to have a minimum of 5 million naira. The mathematical analysis of this shows that you’ll have to set aside N416,000 monthly from your monthly earnings to be able to afford your annual rent.


park view estate distance

Furnishing the house

As you might have guessed, Olu Okeowo has a soft spot for art and antiques. This includes figurines outside the home, ornament and paintings which are hung up on walls around the home.

Size of the Land

Most home owners in Ikoyi are not known to be modest with Land size despite the fact the Lands in this area cost a fortune. Lands in this area typically costs between N100 million to billions of naira depending on the size.

The house was built and Over a choice 5 acres of prime land reportedly worth a whopping $3 million and sand-filling claiming a good 5,000 square metres of the sea as extra land to situate the castle’s swimming pool.

Palacio size

The Garage

Sir olu Okeowo is a man with an expensive taste in all the finest things of life. From his clothes to cars and constructions, he is no doubt a man of great taste.

Okeowo’s Car Garage is worth N2Billion. Apart from the many Rolls Royces, which would have set him back by a few million Pounds or Dollars, (6 Rolls Royce at an average cost of $200000, which is just starters would total a whopping $1.2 million Dollars)

In Okeowo’s garage Bentley Mulsanne Limited Edition which has only 50 made. He recently got delivery of his own to celebrate his 52 birthday (Only 50 of the cars were made and his is number 13)

In total , the Garage of Olu Okeowo has 6 Rolls Royce, 4 Phantoms and 2 Ghosts, 1 Bentley Mulsanne, 1Bentley Continental GT 1 Mercedes G-Wagon, 1 Range Rover Limited Edition, 1 Cadillac Escalade Limited Edition

Sources also reported that, Sir Olu Okeowo was the only Nigerian and probably African that was invited to a special gathering of Rolls Royce owners that was held in May 2017.

sir olu okeowo garage

okeowo garage


What you need to earn to buy the house

So how much will you need to earn to own this home? We can solve that with some little knowledge of maths. With a value of $12 million (N4.3 billion), this means as a salary earner you’ll have to earn a minimum of N350 million monthly. To break it down a little further, to buy the palcio de okeowo currently occupied by Sir olu Okeowo and his family, you’ll have to earn at least 2 million naira an hour.Sounds outrageous doesn’t it? But that’s really how much you need to earn if you plan to by sir olu’s Palacio de okeowo within a year.

Wouldn’t you just love to raise your family in this kind of home?

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