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Social Media Content

Imagine a workday when you are sitting at your computer and you can’t think of any ideas for social media content. Even after searching through different websites and articles, you can’t find an interesting topic. You will definitely feel frustrated and confused. Don’t worry, I wrote this article for you exactly. Social media content creation is a broad topic that can have very positive results alongside your creativity.

Ask questions to get the conversation started

Start your posts with a question to engage your audience and see what they’re interested in. These questions can be about your product or service, a relevant industry event, or something completely unrelated.

The best questions are those that are open-ended and require some thought to answer. They should also be relevant to your target audience and their interests. For example, you could ask “What is your favorite feature of our new product?” or “What do you think about the latest industry trends?”

Even simple questions can engage your audience at a high level. These tactics can help you grab attention, especially if they’re not too difficult to answer. If you can combine a simple text or image post with a strong, engaging image, your audience will be more likely to read on.

According to a study by BodyMedia, asking a question at the end of a post, rather than in the middle, which is often ignored, can increase engagement by up to 15%.

Tell your story and value your customers’ stories too

Every brand and individual has a story to tell. It doesn’t matter if it’s in text or image form, it needs to be told. Naturally, we all love to follow and react to engaging and compelling stories.

Use social media as a platform to tell your story. This will help your fans get to know you better and create a mental connection with your brand and products. Turn your page or channel into a place where you speak your mind and get your message out to your customers.

Raising engaging and engaging topics about the reason for starting the company, goals, successes and failures related to your brand, and what you have learned so far and the things that have motivated you more can answer your audience’s questions and bring them closer to you. In the end, this leads to more loyalty and sales. In addition to you, customers and audiences always have interesting and engaging stories that say how your products or services have solved a problem for them. Therefore, you can share the feedback and feedback of your customers in image, text or video form.

Talk about the problems

Talk about the problems you’ve solved, share your expertise, and be valuable

One of the most effective ways for social media users to connect with you on a social and emotional level is to show your brand position as credible and powerful.

You have to tell them that you are a source that they can rely on to get up-to-date information on your industry. One of the best ways to do this is to talk about the problems you have solved. You should do this preferably indirectly.

For example, if you have products in the field of polishing and polishing old and antique furniture, you must publish posts about the importance and maintenance of old goods. Or tips for maintaining wood, or statistics on the prices of antiques that have sold for a high price due to their health.

Use breaking news, holidays, and special events for inspiring content

Be sure to post news related to your industry every day. This will create more connection and credibility and show that your brand is one step ahead of others in the industry trends it operates in.

You can use useful tools like google alerts and feedly to stay up-to-date on the latest news. You can also see the latest tweets and interesting topics on the buzzsumo website.

For example, in late 2013, the Oreo brand released a video clip and celebrated the successful landing of the Mars Rover robot on Mars and published an image of a cookie with a red cream in the center that showed the path of that robot. And Oreo wrote this caption under his post: “Now it’s time for the Oreo cookie to land successfully in the milk bowl.”

In fact, the most posts that go viral on social media are related to holidays or important celebrations of the year, such as Yalda Night, Nowruz, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Therefore, for this purpose, use a content calendar in which you have entered all the holidays so that you can use them in the best way to produce content.

You can even ask your audience questions about the holidays. You can also suggest to them how your product or service can be most useful in certain times of the year.

80/20 rule

Promote your products and services, but don’t forget the 80/20 rule of content creation

Many brands from all businesses are present on social media, but it is important to strike a balance between promotional content and valuable content for the audience. Suppose the relationship between your brand and its customers is good and you post a lot of content that is valuable for the audience and contains educational tips.

In this case, customers will not be annoyed by your unusual posts about the product, service, or discounts you have considered. They will even tolerate them. In fact, they may ask you to inform them about these topics.

According to the 80/20 rule, you should allocate 80% of your content to valuable and useful content or personal topics. You can also connect your content to a link that is engaging and interesting.

However, 20% of the content should be published in a promotional and promotional way. Even in this type of post, there are ways to keep customers engaged, such as offering special offers for a group of loyal customers.

You can also inform your fans about your new products and services earlier than others. To do this, launch a campaign of different posts on social media. This will increase your brand awareness and make your audience think that they have a special advantage over others.

Share special offers, discount codes, or upcoming events

People love special offers and images are the best way to highlight them in a visual way. It doesn’t matter if this post is about the start of a new sales season or a special event or a special week. The important thing is that it is the best way to encourage people to visit your social media profile again.

Use educational tips and tricks to create content

Providing attractive tips and tricks to customers is one of the best ways to create value all the time. This also increases the possibility of your posts going viral. One of the simplest ways to do this is to display a simple step-by-step recipe for an educational topic in a visual and in a few frames.

Use behind-the-scenes work to create content

To increase intimacy with your brand and show the human side of the company, and to create a sense of closeness between audiences and customers with your brand and collection, try to use images and videos that show your work behind the scenes in your posts. You can even show teasers or documentary clips from each stage of the project to let your fans know about your progress.

For example, you can take photos and videos of your special occasion celebrations and publish them on your social media. Another example could be posts about the presence of a new employee or the farewell of a previous employee.

Highlight your social responsibility

To create a better image of your brand, try to show prominently how important social issues are to your brand and use multiple images to highlight your social responsibility and charitable aspects of your work. For example, if you have participated in charity and charity, you can somehow show it.

Publish funny and funny posts, appropriate for your audience’s taste

Funny and humorous images that are usually accompanied by humorous captions are not only highly shareable, but are also very popular on social media. But if you are not familiar with such posts, which are called memes in slang, you can visit the memegenerator.net website and get inspired by its samples.

Remember, anything that elicits an emotional response is appropriate, especially if it has a positive aspect. The important thing in using this type of post is not to rely heavily on such posts in your social media marketing strategy.

These posts have a high engagement and entertainment rate, but such content is not considered high-quality content. Therefore, you should use such posts in moderation.


The above are just a few ideas for creating engaging and effective social media content. The best way to find out what works for your brand is to experiment and see what resonates with your audience.

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