Best Time to Post on (Twitter)

Best Time to Post on (Twitter)

The best time to post on is important because of the nature of this social media platform. Every day, millions of tweets are posted on this social media platform. It is important that your tweet be seen in this large volume of data. When you act as a business in this space, this issue may be more important for you. Because the purpose of your activity on is to increase brand awareness and be seen more. So, finding the best time to post on is important in these respects.

The importance of the best time to post on

First of all, let’s consider why it is so important to choose the best time to post on social media? Pay attention to this example. Imagine a business or individual who is active in social media with the goal of growth. This business has produced attractive content and published it on social media. What is the goal of this business in producing and publishing content? Of course, to be seen more. Now suppose this content is not seen at all and does not receive any feedback. But let’s imagine that this post was published at the best possible time and received good traffic. Is this the same goal we are pursuing through social media activity?

The mechanism of the algorithm is that the feed is updated based on the interaction or popularity of a tweet. However, in recent updates, the “ time-based feed” has returned to the game and tweets are shown based on the time of posting. Of course, the user has the freedom to choose how to display tweets. He can choose to show tweets to him based on the time of posting or based on the amount of engagement. For this reason, it is important to post at the best possible time. In fact, over time, new tweets replace old tweets. For this reason, you should post content on at a time when you have the most number of online followers. Finding the best time to post helps you achieve your goals for marketing. In fact, this is the first step.

What time is it best to tweet on

The truth is that the Persian space is in a way that the best time to send a tweet cannot be found. However, some believe that the activity of Persian users is more in the middle of the night than any other time. But if you are going to be active in this space as a business, you need to consider a few main issues:

  1. Who are your audience? Who are the target audiences of your business? For whom are you going to send a tweet? If we get good information about our audience, we can guess their online hours on By understanding your target audience, you can get a handle on their behavioral patterns throughout the day. For example, suppose your target audience is employees. What do you get from this job title? That these people check before and after going to work. But they may not even have the opportunity to check their social media during working hours.
  2. What is your strategy on Strategy acts like a roadmap. When you decide to start professional social media activity, you will need this roadmap. But if you don’t know how to write a social media strategy, we have already addressed it in a separate post. It is not a waste of time to read it.

If your activity is formal and you publish professional content, the best time for your activity is during the day. But if you are riding the waves of Persian and want to publish humorous content, the best time for your activity is at night.

  1. What type of business do you have? The type of your business can determine the best time to send a post on If your business is B2B, the audience is not interested in being faced with a large number of tweets from you during the day. Also, the activity of B2B businesses is during the day and during office hours. So the best time to send a tweet for you is in the same time frame.
best time to post in

Other ways to understand the best time to tweet

  1. analysis Analyzing your activities after all the things we have reviewed is important for understanding the best time to post on This means that you should post content in different time frames and then analyze the tweets and see which time frame had more engagement. After that, you can consider the same time for sending your tweets. Because you have noticed the online hours of your audience from this behavior. You can use as a social media management tool to analyze
  2. Time-based content publishing: Another method that is in your way after this is to publish content at the right time. After you have found the best time to send a tweet by reviewing the analyzed data and audience behavior, you need to have a proper schedule for sending content at the best possible time. To get your content publishing on social media in order, time-based content publishing is the best option. There are tools that you can use to schedule your content for publication on social media. is one of these tools. Time-based content publishing is one of the ways that you can use to be present on social media on time and deliver content to your audience at the best possible time.

Conclusion is not an easy social media platform to operate. The users of this social media platform are different from other social media platforms. For this reason, if you are going to work in this space as a business, you need to consider all aspects. Then write a correct strategy and plan for your activity.
In this post from the blog, we talked about the best time to tweet on The result that we can offer you is that it takes some time for you to understand the best time to post on You should be active and then by reviewing the data, you will be aware of the online hours of your audience and you can publish content and tweets in the same time period.

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