What is a ghost follower on Instagram? How to revive a ghost follower?

Increasing the number of followers may be important for individuals and businesses on Instagram, as this indicates the number of people who are interested in your content or are known as your audience.

Increasing the number of followers may be important for individuals and businesses on Instagram, as this indicates the number of people who are interested in your content or are known as your audience. To increase the number of followers, people usually use various methods such as posting engaging content, using relevant hashtags, sharing daily stories, and collaborating with other users for cross-promotion. Some people may also use methods such as buying followers, which are referred to as fake followers.

What is a ghost follower on Instagram?

In Instagram or other social media platforms, the term “ghost follower” (Ghost Follower) refers to people who follow your account, but do not do any kind of usual activities in your account. In other words, they may not react to your posts and activities or have little interaction with you. People who are known as “ghost followers” are often used to increase the number of followers of their accounts or to attract more attention to other accounts, using methods such as buying followers.

What impact does a ghost follower have on an Instagram page?

Ghost followers or inactive followers can have various effects on your page on social media, but you should be aware that these effects are often negative and can adversely affect the performance and reputation of your account. Some of the negative effects of these followers include:

  • Decreased engagement and effectiveness: Ghost followers do not pay attention to your content and do not interact with your posts and stories. This causes the number of interactions and views of your posts to decrease.
  • Decreased ranking and algorithm: Social media platforms usually determine which posts are displayed on other people’s home pages based on interaction and the number of real followers. Ghost followers play a small role in increasing algorithmic and displaying your posts.
  • Damaged reputation: The existence of ghost followers may show others that you are using harmful methods to increase the number of followers. This may damage the credibility and legitimacy of your account.
  • Occupation of shared space: The existence of ghost followers may steal time and attention from your real followers and increase the number of disturbances and unwanted messages.

Therefore, as a type of malicious advertising, ghost followers usually have negative effects and not only do not help with real interaction with your followers, but may also damage your account.

Methods to prevent having a ghost follower on Instagram:

To prevent having ghost followers in your Instagram account and increasing the number of real and interactive followers, you can take the following steps:

  • Track the quality of the number of followers: First, check which followers seem to be following you in a spiritual and non-interactive way with your account. If you identify followers that seem to be inactive, you can delete them.
  • Interact with followers: Answer your real followers, share your posts and stories with them, and interact with them. This can create real interaction and connection with your followers.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Use relevant and relevant hashtags in your content to find real people with similar interests to you.
  • Post engaging content: Try to provide engaging and valuable content that attracts your real audience and increases the incentive to interact with you.
  • Attract real followers naturally: Consider promoting and increasing your videos and posts on other social media or on your websites to naturally attract real followers to your Instagram account.
  • Avoid buying followers: Avoid buying followers, as this may temporarily increase the number of your followers, but in the long run it does not lead to real interaction with followers and may damage your account.

By taking these steps, you can get more real followers and build a more meaningful relationship with your followers.

How to revive inactive or ghost followers?

Inactive or ghost followers may have followed you for a variety of reasons, such as not actively interacting with your account or changing their interest in your topics. To try to activate them, you can take the following steps:

  • Interact with them: Respond to their current posts and stories at an appropriate time to let them know that you are interacting and you are happy with their interaction.
  • Share attractive content: Try to attract their attention by sharing attractive and diverse content. If your content is attractive, the likelihood of them interacting with you more will increase.
  • Send direct messages automatically using tools like Resont: Send them a private message and ask for their opinions and suggestions about your content. This action can establish closer contact with them.
  • Holding competitions and online events: Holding competitions and online events with attractive prizes can increase interaction and the number of activities.
  • Regular updates: Regularly update your posts and stories to keep them up-to-date with your content and not get tired of interacting with you. We recommend using social media management tools.
  • Delete real followers: Finally, if you find that some of your followers

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