Tricks to Increase Telegram Channel Members

Tricks to Increase Telegram Channel Members

Attention to the nature of each distribution channel is one of its fundamental principles for success. In fact, every customer communication tool has its own rules and principles that need to be considered. The following eight rules are the most important practical rules in the world of Telegram that you should pay attention to:

Rule 1: Adhere to scheduling your content to a user-needs-based calendar and post at appropriate times.

Rule 2: When forwarding content, always mention the source and observe ethics. Users appreciate this and consider it a symbol of your honesty.

Rule 3: Reduce channel activity during special and sad events, and forward your channel’s posts less frequently in Telegram groups.

Rule 4: Fake members in Telegram channels not only incur additional costs but also decrease the view count of posts. If your channel is a business or has competitors, you may have provided grounds for criticism and attacks by acquiring fake members.

Rule 5: Maintain a communication channel with your audience and allow for two-way interaction. For example, include your Telegram ID and phone number in the channel’s bio.

Rule 6: Use Telegram channel management tools for better management and adherence to the first rule to increase the effectiveness of your activities.

Rule 7: Try to make the content you upload different from your Instagram or other social media. Diversity and coherence in content are important and necessary. Respect the nature of each network and channel.

Rule 8: Exchange links only with channels that share your topic, as exchanging links with unrelated channels only causes trouble for temporary member acquisition.

Increase Telegram Channel Members

Ways to Increase Telegram Channel Members:

Having Telegram channels with a large number of members not only attracts advertisements and product sales but also creates a leverage for individuals to benefit from special events and ceremonies. On the other hand, if you own a business, the cost of your marketing and advertising decreases significantly.

For this reason, having a high number of Telegram channel members is one of the goals of every Telegram channel manager. Paying attention to the following points and techniques can be helpful in achieving this goal:

  • Create valuable and original content or professionally annotate and repost others’ content. Avoid copying content unless you mention the source.
  • Ask related media in your field to introduce you. Remember that others won’t advertise a weak channel, so build a strong and valuable channel.
  • Find experts in your field who have Telegram channels and ask them to introduce you in their groups and channels.
  • Focus only on the topic of your channel; avoid going towards miscellaneous content.
  • Use high-quality images and relevant emojis. Research shows that content containing emojis and suitable images gets more views, is shared more, and has a higher interaction rate.
  • Follow writing principles; write in an organized and principled manner. Include a suitable signature in all posts and ask your readers to forward your posts at the end of each post.
  • Register your Telegram channel on your website or register it in directories that collect Telegram channels, as it helps increase membership.
  • Publish posts on Telegram groups where you share your channel. Research shows that sharing in Telegram groups is an important factor in attracting members to Telegram channels.
  • Make your audience thirsty for content: Controversial content, sensational news, and useful analyses have high content value. Try to publish these types of content serially.
  • Present content in small, fragmented parts. Before uploading the main content, announce its publication, and send it to different groups. This helps attract members to the channel.

Final Thoughts on Telegram Channels:

Telegram channels are one of the powerful tools for business growth in Iran, but to use this distribution channel effectively, one must understand its rules and be committed and serious about its growth. Telegram, as a messaging network, has numerous features and capabilities that can assist businesses.

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